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Frequently asked questions

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Check out our frequently asked questions. If you have one which isn’t here, please drop us an email to or please contact your local One Element franchise owner directly.

What is a One Element fitness session like?

Our outdoor fitness sessions are welcoming, positive and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. We focus on effort rather than being the fastest or strongest person at the session. Since our formation in 2007, we’ve found this the best way for our members to achieve their results. When you arrive you’ll be welcomed by your trainer and soon see how friendly and welcoming the group is. 

Our park sessions are between 45 minutes and 60 minutes with breaks built in between sets.  The sessions are fun & friendly, but challenging and will get the endorphins flowing. We’re confident you’ll feel hugely positive after your workout with us. 

PS – there’s no shouting at our sessions.

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We offer three types of sessions:

Cardio HiiT

At our outdoor cardio based sessions you’ll be working on short HiiT sets, sometimes timed, sometimes distance based and integrating lactic work. Each week we provide our trainers with a new training programme which builds on the previous week’s sessions, ensuring, with regular attendance, our members see rapid fitness gains and don’t plateau.

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Kettlebell Weights

We use kettlebells for our weights sessions, which compliment the cardio sessions we run.  Focusing on using kettlebells to engage our large muscle groups, there is a limited aspect of cardio at these sessions. We know that combining weight training with some short max effort runs delivers great results and a long after burn – burning more calories after the session and lifting your metabolic rate.  We also incorporate some core and bodyweight work at these sessions.

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Our circuits sessions are great ‘base conditioning” sessions building fitness through the system, generally working in pairs or as one group for about two minutes per circuit. The circuits can include a mix of bodyweight, kettlebell, ladders, core and HiiT work. They can be the perfect entry level session, if you’re returning to exercise.

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Are your classes military style?

No, we have created a unique set of outdoor fitness classes based on sports training. The type of fitness sports players and athletes use to get fit for their season.
Since our formation, we have had a significant number of elite sports players and coaches help develop our programme of sessions. So we know we’re using the best fitness programmes to get our members fit, and remain fit. One Element is based on a social sports club model which is open to everyone. 

Will I get shouted at?

Absolutely not! We do not believe shouting is not conducive to group fitness, you will be encouraged by our trainers and members who will know your name. You’ll benefit from our supportive and positive environment. We want you to leave each session feeling positive and upbeat.

I’m nervous, are you sure the sessions are for me?

Yes. Definitely! We can promise you, you’re not the first person to be nervous and you won’t be the last. We can also promise you we’ve spent the last 15+ years building a friendly, positive and inclusive group where everyone is equal and welcome. 

And here’s a review from one of our members, Claire:

“Joined One Element in the summer and it’s been a total game changer. Have never previously managed to get into & enjoy regular exercise but OE has me out two to three times a week. A great combo of fun/varied sessions, lovely group of people & trainers and just great to be in the outdoors.”

Do you have any online sessions?

Yes, as part of your membership you’ll have access to our live and recorded online sessions. We have HiiT, weights, yoga, pilates and mobility & stretching sessions to choose from.
These compliment our outdoor boot camp sessions.

How do I book a free trial session?

Click on the green button at the top of each web page or this link which will take you through to the booking page. You’ll have the option to choose your territory, park, day and session time and we’ll be in touch with your booking confirmation.

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Simply choose your session and we’ll be in touch to confirm your booking.

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Do you workout outdoors all year round?

Yes. We’ve been running our sessions outdoors all year round in all weather and seasons since we started in 2007. 

Some of the best sessions are in the Autumn and Winter, with many of our evening sessions under floodlight.  With a bit of appropriate clothing, training outdoors throughout the year,  has been proven to boost your immune system, improve your mood, increase self-esteem & resilience and burn more calories – plus loads more.

If it’s raining, does the session go ahead?

Yes, we train in all weather conditions, the rainy sessions can be some of the most rewarding and fun!

Are there any age limits?

As long as you’re 16 or over you can participate in our sessions! At One Element we pride ourselves on being a social fitness community where everyone is welcome.
At some parks, under 16s are able to attend with a parent or guardian. Please check your local One Element franchise owner.

Do I have to sign a long contract?

No, there’s no long contract, it’s a monthly rolling contract which you can cancel directly through your member account.

What type of memberships do you have?

We predominantly have three types of memberships. Two are monthly memberships –  Unlimited and Half or Flex, which is 5 sessions per month – which are monthly rolling contracts, you’re not tied in for a long period. The third is a  book of 10 sessions which can be used over 4 months.

Prices vary at each franchise based on a combination of local market and number of sessions that location provides.

Please check with your One Element franchisee for exact details, as memberships vary across locations.

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Our most popular memberships:


Our most popular and best-value membership is the Unlimited. It puts you in charge of your training with the option to attend as many sessions and locations in the territory as you want.

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Half or Flex

Our second most popular choice! This membership entitles you to one training session a week or 5 across the month at any park location in the territory. 

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10 pack

If a monthly membership isn’t for you, you can purchase a 10 pack of sessions, to be used within 4 months.

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Am I fit enough to participate?

No matter your fitness level, you’ll benefit from a One Element session. We encourage new members to grade their fitness up to avoid injury. We focus on effort and positivity at our sessions. We ask that you are willing to commit to on average 1-3 sessions per week and we’ll help you achieve your goals. Although, you’re welcome to attend on any frequency you wish to.

You will need to complete the PARQ fitness form on your One Element booking account which declares you have no injuries or illness preventing injury.

Do I need to check with a doctor before I attend a class?

You should complete and sign our health questionnaire before you attend your first workout with us. It’s part of the trial registration process and can be completed online.

Pregnant women and people with health conditions should consult their GP before undertaking physical exercise.

Please also keep your trainers and franchisees up to date with any injuries or health concerns.

Do I need to check with a doctor before I attend a class?

You should complete and sign our health questionnaire before you attend a workout. It’s part of the trial registration process and can be completed online.
Pregnant women and people with health conditions should consult their GP before undertaking physical exercise.

How long has One Element been operating?

One Element was started in 2007 in Wandsworth, SW London and now operates from 10 franchises locations,  including in New Zealand. We’ve welcomed lots of members over the years and become a trusted fitness provider to our members. Many have been with us for 5, 10 and even 15+ years.

Why not book your free trial and find out why people have stayed with us for so long.

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Simply choose your session and we’ll be in touch to confirm your booking.

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What do I need for the sessions?

We ask you to bring a bottle of water, wear gym gear and a decent pair of trainers. In the winter you’ll need to wear more layers and ideally studded or cross trail trainers.
If it’s sunny don’t forget to put on some sunscreen too!

We provide all the other equipment needed.

Can I leave my valuables somewhere?

Please try to avoid bringing valuables where possible. Members do leave their kit by the flag, but do so at their own risk.  The trainer may be able to hold onto the odd item, if you need to bring it with you. 

What socials do you have?

We have company wide events and trips such as ski and surf holidays, touch rugby tournaments and our own festival – OEFest. As well as this, each park has its own events calendar which includes post sessions coffees and drinks, nights out, picnics, country walks and much more.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram feed for the latest feel-good training and social pics.