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Six steps to starting your own business


We have developed the One Element franchise model to provide the opportunity for our franchisees to successfully run their own outdoor group fitness business. A low cost and high return potential, a One Element franchise could be the lifestyle business you’re looking for.

If you would like to find out a little bit more about the opportunities a One Element franchise could offer you, we recommend joining one of our upcoming discovery webinars. These 60 minute webinars provide the opportunity to better understand One Element franchise model, our history, ethos, hear from an existing franchisee and ask questions.

If after the webinar you’d like to explore more about running your own outdoor fitness business, we’d invite you to one of the sessions our founder Tom Marien runs or one of our existing franchisees. This will help provide you with a more rounded insight about One Element and our sessions, communities and success so far, as well as experiencing for yourself the effectiveness of outdoor group fitness.
We’d then always recommend that you discuss with friends and family the One Element concept and if it appeals to them, this will start to provide a good indication of your ability to grow a membership base.
Once you’ve established there’s some demand in your area, your next task is to research parks & neighbourhoods around you to see if these are suitable to run One Element sessions.
Here is a blog post from our East Hampshire franchisee Georgie and how she quickly and successfully developed a territory outside London.
If after this research, you think there is an appetite for growing a local social fitness hub in your community, that people would be keen to join something new and different, with proven physical and mental wellbeing results, that’s not a stereotypical boot camp, and fun socials as part of the offering,  then we’d then help you look at the business case in more detail.

Find out more about the One Element Franchise

Join our next Discovery Webinar or Download our Prospectus to find out more details on our franchise price, marketing, growth potential and other benefits of of operating your own OE franchise.

One Element sessions

One Element sessions

Each week all our locations run our unique sessions plans which we have developed since 2007 and have been developed with professional sports players and coaches. These plans are a step-by-step guide for all trainers and provide consistency to members and worth through power, strength, agility and speed ensuring member progression and retention. It also means as a trainer you are spared the time-consuming job of writing session plans which are effective and challenging, yet fun and engaging.

Exclusive territory

Exclusive territory

Each of our franchisees have an exclusive territory, which is an area you will exclusively operate under the One Element franchise agreement. We have worked with the UK’s leading franchise territory mapping company Atlas Mapping, to develop these to reflect the target demographic of our flagship territory in Wandsworth, SW London where we have proved the success of One Element since 2007.  There are a minimum of 45,000 people between the ages of 18-65 and 30,000 between the ages of 25 – 55 which is our target audience. The areas may vary in size geographically but each provides the opportunity to replicate the success of Wandsworth and our other franchises.


Agree location with council

Finding your location is a rock on which you can build your successful One Element business. We have many years’ experience of researching and finding great locations and can guide you into the best spots in your local area. You will need to talk to the local authority about the space you would like to use and again having done this for years we can help build these relationships.

Business planning

Business planning

Your business plan will allow you to imagine what you can achieve, visualise potential obstacles and barriers and how we can overcome these. We have a detailed financial planning excel that can give you a true idea of the costs, at every stage of your franchise.



We run a combination of online and in person training, you will spend at least a day on site at OEHQ where we will provide all the training you need on the  business and all of the operating systems to successfully launch your franchise. Training includes running the sessions, marketing, member management and developing great socials which help to build the community and member loyalty. There will also be a number of online and phone sessions to ensure you are confident with all the best practices we use. There will be ongoing training and support through out the period you run your One Element franchise.

Prelaunch marketing

Pre launch marketing

We have a marketing plan that helps you grow awareness, including a dedicated web page, a call to action in the weeks running up to your launch session. We will share all the marketing assets as well as the routes to market we know work, and we will set up your marketing platform that has to date shown remarkable results.

Generate revenue

Generating member growth and revenue

You will have founder Tom Marien or one of our head trainers to help you launch the first session and get as many new members signed up as we can. We will help you as you go forward to grow your business by sharing ideas and experiences. You’ll also have a franchise network which to ask questions, share experiences and be part of something bigger than being a sole PT.  We work as a team to help each other and every week you will receive the next week’s training programme, so your work can focus on member management, marketing and growth.

Franchise Webinar

Join the next Discovery Webinar to find out about the benefits of operating your own One Element fitness franchise. Led by One Element founder Tom Marien, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of existing franchisees too and find out  what it’s like running a One Element franchise.

Download our
franchise prospectus

One Element Group Limited will use personal data about you for the purpose of franchise enquiries and sales. Additionally, for our internal administration and management purposes, and analysis (to better understand our customers and their requirements). We will treat all of this information in confidence and keep it secure. We may need to share it with our staff and MailChimp, for the purpose of helping us to provide our services. For more information about how we use your data please see our Privacy Policy which also contains information about your privacy rights.