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Franchise FAQ


We know you’re likely to have lots of questions about One Element and our franchise business opportunities. We’ve answered below the most common questions. If you have a question we’ve not answered, drop us an email or sign up for our next webinar.

You could be operating profitably within weeks

We have been developing and refining our blueprint since 2007, we will guide you through the set up prior to and after the launch of your franchise.



What is a One Element Franchise?

As an alternative to an expensive gym franchise, One Element is a proven low cost turnkey fitness business (with an exclusive territory for each franchisee) which we have developed and successfully run since 2007. We have continued to replicate the success of One Element from the first franchise we launched in 2019 and we have shown this to be true across our network. It is a model that is trusted and can be set up and running in as little as six to eight weeks or at a time scale that suits you. 

We have done all the work and testing which enables you to get your One Element franchise successfully up and running and building your own  profitable business in a matter of a few months.

Do I have to be a fitness trainer to own a franchise?

No, we have many very successful franchisees who are not trainers, we are looking for people who are engaged with the group and keen to build the community and social side of their groups. If you’re not a trainer but want to take sessions we can help you enroll on suitable courses.

Is this a business I can run part time?

Yes absolutely, to start with some of our franchisees run their franchise alongside another job while to start with, some commit completely to a franchise from the outset. Both models work and we will support you with whichever decision you decide to make.

Do you love people, fitness and being outdoors?

A One Element franchise could be the ultimate lifestyle business for you.


Can I get funding for my franchise?

We work with HSBC’s franchise team to obtain funding for our franchisees who require it to purchase the franchise and, if needed, to invest in marketing and other operating expenses. We can introduce you to the team to discuss how this works.

What do I get when I buy a franchise?

Exclusive Territory – this is your exclusive area, providing you the opportunity to successfully build your own One Element business. All our territories are based on the original Wandsworth territory in SW London, so we know the demographics work and work well. We partnered with Atlas Mapping, the UK’s leading franchise territory mapping company to build our exclusive territories.-. 

One Element Training Sessions – One of the core benefits of a One Element franchise is the library of training programmes we provide our franchisees. Each week we send out the training programme(s) for the week to our franchisees so members across the franchise network are completing the same sessions and making the same fitness gains. Not only do these unique sessions benefit our members but it means our franchisees and trainers have detailed plans of what to do at each session and do not have to spend time developing session plans each week. They are drawn from professional athlete training – but suitable for the public, for people of all levels of fitness – we are also on hand to explain anything you or your trainers may not understand.

Operations Manual – we have refined and written down everything you need to know to operate your One Element franchise. It’s all at hand in our electronic Operations Manual in an easy to use format. It is a comprehensive breakdown of how to run, market, recruit and build a One Element franchise.

Shop – Each of our franchisees has their own dedicated kit shop – with your own high performance kit for you to sell to your members,to build r the One Element brand locally and providing a secondary income.

Online fitness platform – Asa franchisee you will be able to ‘plug into’ our online platform of live and recorded sessions from yoga & pilates to HiiT & weights. This is free and a great tool to keep members engaged throughout the year.

Wider community –  You’re not alone with a One Element franchise. You immediately tap into the wider OE community of franchisees and members – over and over again as we set up new franchisees, we have former members who have moved away and/or trainers locally who are keen to get involved and promote you locally.

Events – We organise brand level events for your members to join, from OEFEST – our annual festival, to annual ski trips, Morocco surf trips and Everest trips and many other events. We’ll also provide ideas and support for you to run locally-based events for your members. 

Website – You’ll receive a dedicated page on  the One Element website  which allows you to grow your own business and demonstrate credentials of One Element to your potential members. 

Support – We will support you on every aspect of the business, from the very start, we know the tricks that work and have come up against nearly every hurdle there is in this business and can show you how to succeed. We also have copy experts, creative experts and web design experts. 

Part of our team – As a group of franchisees we share ideas, concepts, marketing and problems and as a team we find solutions together.

How profitable could my franchise be?

Profitability will depend on a variety of factors but predominantly the three main variables are  venue and trainer costs as well as marketing. Depending on the number of sessions you have, turnover can be as high as £15,000 per month, but there’s nothing to stop you exceeding this. 

Whilst we cannot, and would never, tell you this is a business that can not fail, we can assure you that as yet all the franchisees that have launched have been profitable by month 3, many in month 1.

How much does a franchise cost?

A One Element franchise has an accessible price of £8,335 + VAT or £10,000 inc VAT.


How do I market my One Element business?

Our franchisees use a combination of their own local network as well as a number of paid marketing options to grow membership which we are able help you set up and talk through in more detail. These combinations are proven to work extremely well for membership growth. 

How much time does running a franchise take?

A One Element franchise can be described as a “lifestyle business” and as you grow your territory the workload is actually likely to decrease. You will need to put effort and time in to grow your franchise, excluding any sessions you take or attend you’d need to allocate on average 2-4 hours per day once you’ve launched. One of the benefits is the franchise model is you have the flexibility of how to manage this across your day and week.

Can I run a One Element franchise with a co-founder?

Yes, while most e  franchisees run this on their own, a significant proportion operate with a business partner or partners.

Find out more about our One Element community

We’re proud of our ethos and beliefs and we initiated the OE Franchise to help share our outdoor fitness and social fitness techniques with other passionate people.


Am I the right person to buy a One Element franchise?

If you enjoy fitness, being outside,  are outgoing and can bring people together to create a One Element community, absolutely. We’d love to hear from you!

Is a One Element franchise fun & rewarding?

Absolutely – it is so much fun and very rewarding, from the smiles and words of members saying this is not like anything else to seeing friendships blossom and members achieving their fitness goals and building confidence and positivity. It is a joy!

Why should I invest in a One Element Franchise?

If you have read this far, then hopefully we can have a conversation soon,in truth the reason why a One Element franchise is worth exploring is because we believe heart and soul in what we are doing. We have built something that we love doing and we would love to have more people like you on the journey helping people across the country to enjoy fitness, make friends and have fun.

We are not backed by a private equity investment, nor are we  some corporate gym, we are a homegrown business, simply driven by a belief that what we are doing is transformative for individuals, communities and our franchisees.

Franchise Webinar

Join the next Discovery Webinar to find out about the benefits of operating your own One Element fitness franchise. Led by One Element founder Tom Marien, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of existing franchisees too and find out  what it’s like running a One Element franchise.

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