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The unique power of One Element to transform your fitness: An unashamed view on why we train the way we do and what it will do for you

In the busy landscape of the fitness world, broadly speaking, there are only a few different types of offerings:

  • The CrossFit and studio style training with lots of Olympic lifting and high-rep work
  • The gym floor with machinery and a weights room
  • The running clubs with steady-state cardio
  • The bootcamps in the park with battle ropes, kettlebells and boxing
  • And then there’s One Element with its unique training style and outdoor fitness community.

I have never seen any other company deliver One Element style fitness training. In fact, the only places you will see it is in snippets on international sports team’s social media posts from the All Blacks to professional football players and Olympians. If you head to Twickenham next weekend (or the Principality Stadium and the Stadio Olimpico) you’ll recognise some of the warm-up sets and the down-up sprints.

So why do international sports teams pick this style of fitness training and no one else does?

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The Challenge
It is truly challenging, and you achieve fitness results that you simply can’t get in any other environment – this is the reason top level sports players do it. It can make you feel vulnerable, but this will make you more resilient. It builds a unique trust between you and the people you are training with, your teammates.

Positive habits. Accountability. Support

The simple truth is that fitness is about repetition and recovery, and training in this way can be fun. For decades, the fitness industry has been on the search for the latest trends to distract people, believing that they will become bored, uncomfortable and disengaged. Repetition can build a narrative around what and why we are doing this, celebrating effort not ability, and people will see the positive effects almost immediately.

Coping with DOMs

Rapid Fitness Results
This type of fitness training has dramatic and rapid fitness results. When we run or do body weight exercises, we are doing what we are built to do and we are using muscles in our legs, core and upper body in patterns known as sling systems. This is how we have evolved over millions of years and if we train these systems our bodies respond with dramatic and rapid fitness changes.

What is happening in our bodies after a One Element session?

In the following 24-48 hours, several changes will take place immediately. They have been shown in research and studies to be visible within less than a week.

  • Your lungs will be opening, and even growing in size, and your heart muscle will be getting stronger.
  • You will produce more red blood cells (haemoglobin) to carry more oxygen around the body and blood lipids and sugars will burn up, so the blood is cleansed.
  • Fats are broken down to be stored in the liver, blood and muscles in preparation for doing it again.
  • Muscles are recruiting more water to store the energy as well as vitamins and minerals and your joints, cartilage and ligaments will get stronger and tougher.
  • Synovial fluid, that oil the joints, is produced more easily meaning inflammation is reduced.

The beauty of what we do is that it works for everyone, whatever your age, whatever your fitness background. It will work for you, so please come and give it a go.

Transform your Fitness

Book your free trial with One Element today and find out if our unique training style and outdoor fitness community is for you.

Transform your Fitness

Book your free trial with One Element today and find out if our unique training style and outdoor fitness community is for you.

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