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Ben Ryan helped write our unique session plans and has had an enduring influence on One Element.

Between being head coach of England 7’s and moving to Fiji to coach their national 7’s team, Ben met Tom over a coffee in Teddington to drill down on how to develop world beating sportsmen and women and his ideas have influenced much of the training we do today at One Element.

Ben’s Fiji story is extraordinary, with virtually no funding he created an Olympic gold medal winning team. He is now regarded as royalty in Fiji and as one of the greatest coaches in sport. He talked about strength – the England team he had just left had players who could bench press 130kgs+ but the Fijian players could Only press 60kgs, and yet they had this thing he called ‘pitch power’ their strength on the pitch was off the scale. He went on to use hill running, sprint training and pulling strength work with the Fiji team, the rest is history. They beat his old GB team 43-7 in the Olympic final. Today we use similar hill & sprint training & pulling strength work with our members who achieve extraordinary fitness levels not matter their age or fitness level when they start.

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