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The winter season is upon us and we want to share some healthy living tips. It also brings colder temperatures that are far more conducive to staying at home under a blanket than heading outside and staying active. Combined with weakened immune systems, a higher possibility of illness and a trend towards lower energy levels, it can be tough to keep fit and healthy during the winter months. Luckily, we’re bringing you our top healthy living hacks for winter. You’ll be able to stay energised and on top of your fitness game even on those dark winter days.

1.Up Your Omega 3

Workouts in the cold and rain are a recipe for stiffness and sore muscles. Making sure you’re consuming sufficient Omega 3 can help you improve your recovery time and reduce that post-exercise soreness. Found in fish, seeds and nuts, Omega 3 fatty acids are a natural anti-inflammatory. This lessens joint pain and muscle inflammation, helps you avoid injury when working out in wintery conditions. All this helps you exercise regularly without aches and pains – a proven remedy for those winter blues!

2. Warm Up Properly

Warming up before you exercise is always important. However, if your muscles aren’t fully warmed up, winter brings with it additional chances of sprains and injuries. So it’s even more crucial in the winter months. A warm-up boosts your heart rate and dilates your blood vessels, increasing oxygen supply to your muscles which allows them to work at a higher intensity without tears or strains. Experts recommend dynamic stretching, ideally indoors, before heading out for an outdoor workout for optimum injury prevention.

3. Head Outside

Whilst the temptation in the winter months might be to head to the gym, do an exercise class or workout at home, layering up and heading outside can bring additional benefits to your exercise regime. Your body’s temperature regulation processes as you hit the park can actually mean you burn more calories during your workout. Though it may not feel like it, exercising outside means you take in small doses of vitamin D from sunlight which studies show can boost mood and energy levels. Finally, outdoor fitness in winter can boost your immunity to colds and other infections that can get us down.

4. Boost your Iron Intake

If you’re struggling with motivation and energy levels, it could be due to a lack of iron. Ensuring your body is taking in enough iron will not only keep your immune system strong throughout the winter months, but it can also boost energy levels in spite of much shorter days and reduced sunlight. Iron can be found in leafy vegetables, poultry, beans and red meat. Factoring these foods into your diet could mean you’ve more motivation and energy to workout no matter  the weather.

Conclusion for healthy living: Stay Active!

However, the best healthy living hack for winter is to stay active. Research shows that a winter hiatus from your training regime could lead to weight gain and even a 20% decrease in heart health. This can be within just three weeks of stopping regular exercise. So it’s crucial to keep up regular exercise if you want to feel great and perform to your full potential in the darker months of the year. But we know motivation can be difficult. That’s why One Element’s social training sessions offer a positive, friendly atmosphere that encourages and supports you to achieve your fitness goals all year round. Try out a session today!

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