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One Element is the Social Fitness Company. That means we believe in the power of working out as a group to deliver those fitness results you’re seeking. We make sure you leave our sessions feeling great! But we know, especially if you’re new to fitness or lacking confidence, it can be easy to do solitary exercise. That’s why we’re bringing you our guide to what you’ll gain from a social fitness approach instead:

1.Stick To It

When you’re training on your own, hitting that snooze button and grabbing an extra hour in bed is easy to do. However, when you’ve agreed to meet friends for a morning run, gym session, or to attend training in the park together, you’re less likely to let them down when you wake up and see it’s raining outside. Studies show that training in a group improves consistency and attendance, and helps you stick to your fitness programme and reach your goals. That’s because the social element makes it harder to worm your way out of that morning workout!

2.Doubles Drills

Social fitness also opens the field for a whole range of partner or group activities to mix up your workouts. Pass a kettlebell in a Russian twist, take turns doing sprints, introduce a special high-five between push-ups or doing push-pulls. The possibilities are endless. Having others around whilst workout can also help you perform better and avoid injury. You’ll have someone to spot you, count down reps, check you aren’t hurting yourself and motivate you when you’re struggling.

3. It’s social: Meet New People

We all live busy lives. Sometimes it can seem  there aren’t enough hours in the day to balance work, family, exercise and a social life! Why not kill two birds with one stone and train whilst meeting new people at the same time? In particular if you’re new to an area, social fitness can be a great way of making friends. Losing weight and gaining a best mate? A win-win situation!

4.Push Yourself

A recent study showed that people who worked out with others, especially those they perceived as fitter than themselves, increased their intensity and work out time by a massive 200%. It’s also been estimated that people that workout alongside friends could burn an extra 40 calories per session! Therefore, social fitness actually helps you train at a higher intensity due to a magic combination of distraction, supportive motivation and some healthy competition too. Add to that an additional endorphin kick from socialising, and you’ll leave your group training session having boosted mind, body and soul.

5.Well-Earned R&R

After feeling the burn in your workout or training session, another great thing about social fitness is you’ll have some buddies to kick back with post-training. Whether its a protein shake, a meal or a beer, you can enjoy that well-deserved rest in good company. For example, at One Element our members often choose to go for brunch together after a Saturday morning session to reward themselves for their sterling effort and replenish their energy levels.

Looking to make the change to a more social approach to fitness? Lifelong friends have been made through One Element. Our calendar of monthly, location-based socials means you become part of community of friendly and like-minded people, whilst getting fit at the same time. Check out our Instagram feed to see what One Element is about.

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