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Outdoor fitness

Are you looking for a new fitness regime? You might be looking at that expensive gym membership and asking yourself is indoor or outdoor fitness the way forward? Exercising in the fresh air is proven to maximise the benefits of your workout and leave you feeling more energised and positive. Let’s take a look at the benefits of fitness in the great outdoors.

Vitamin D

Your body relies on Vitamin D to absorb calcium and develop strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D also promotes a healthy immune system and regulates the neuromuscular system. Amazingly, your body actually generates its own supply of Vitamin D from skin exposure to sufficient sunlight. If you train in the gym, you’re missing out on all that Vitamin D goodness! Our members train outside  get those added benefits from those (fingers crossed) sunny days.

Mental Wellbeing

Recent studies show that just 30 minutes spent in nature is proven to reduce symptoms of depression and alleviate stress. That’s because exercising outdoors results in lower levels of cortisol in the body, the hormone that triggers stress. A key advantage of outdoor fitness over the gym is the boost in your mood, focus and mental well-being triggered by green spaces and fresh air. Given that exercise in nature also improves sleep quality, a workout outdoors will leave you feeling revitalised in both your mind and body.

Feel the Burn

Did you know that just being outside means you’ll burn more calories as you exercise? Take for instance a run in the park in comparison with a run on the treadmill. In outdoor fitness, your body has to respond to uneven surfaces, obstacles and wind resistance. Our members will know that we train come rain or shine (or snow!), and your body’s temperature regulation processes when you’re in the open air burn calories too. Each of these natural challenges means you’ll workout harder and burn extra calories without even realising.

Mix It Up

To keep your workouts enjoyable and interesting, it’s important to get some variety. Members benefit from changes in landscape during outdoor fitness which can help you to work out longer and harder since you’re distracted by your surroundings. Whilst working out outdoors, you can explore your local green spaces, experiences changes in the natural environment, and meet a furry friend or two on the way. All this helps you create positive associations around your exercise routine, so it becomes a joy rather than a chore.

One Element’s training sessions bring you all the benefits of outdoor training in a sociable, varied fitness programme that’s proven to bring you great results. If you’re ready to take the plunge and take your workout outside, why not try a free trial today?