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Do you find training difficult to fit into your busy schedule? Do you find working out boring and unenjoyable? Feel like you’re ‘just not an exercise person’?

It could be that you just haven’t found the right type of fitness for you. We’re all different, so why should the same type of training work for everyone? We’ve put together a short quiz to help you discover the type of training that suits you.

The Main Types Of Training

There are four basic categories of exercise. Many people tend to focus on just one type, and then wonder why they aren’t seeing results. In fact, in order to get the most benefits from your training, you should be doing a combination of all types. The main four categories are:

  • Cardiovascular activity, otherwise referred to as endurance, or aerobic means training that boosts your heart rate, and increases oxygen flow. Cardio exercise such as running, swimming or dancing help promote healthy heart, lungs, and circulatory system.
  • Flexibility training means exercise that stretches your muscles and opens the joints. Flexibility exercises such as yoga and stretching can help boost circulation, lessen muscle tension after other types of training and improve posture.
  • Strength training, otherwise known as resistance, includes activities that build and maintain body muscle mass. This can involve weight-based sessions, or can simply use your own body weight for push-ups or squats, helping promote weight loss, bone health, better balance and higher energy levels.
  • Balance training means exercises that promote stability and strengthen the core muscles that help your body maintain its position, whether stationary or moving. Activities include tai chi, simple balances like standing on one leg or using balance balls, and yoga. Balancing promotes coordination, joint health and helps reduce injury.
Which Type of Training Works For Me?

You’ll need a healthy mix of cardiovascular, flexibility, strength and balance training to get the most benefits out of your workout, and to keep it interesting too! But sometimes it can seem like there are endless types of exercise to choose from. Narrow it down by asking yourself the following key questions:

Inside or outside?

Do you wake up and love getting out in the fresh air? If so, working out in the park might be the perfect exercise to kickstart your routine. On the other hand, if you prefer exercising inside, away from the elements, aerobics classes or swimming might be the answer for you.

Social or solo?

Do you enjoy combining your workout with a social element and are you motivated by other people? Why not try team sports like rugby or netball, a group fitness option, or a dance class? If you’re someone that prefers to get their head down and exercise alone, that’s fine too! You might enjoy weight lifting or running.

All day or short-and-sweet?

We know it can be tricky to balance exercise with work, family and other commitments. If you’ve only got a quick hour for your training, HIIT is a great option that ensures maximum results in the shortest amount of time. If you’ve got a little more time to give, sports tournaments or long-distance running could be a great fit for you.

Weight loss or strength building?

We’re all looking for different things from our fitness programmes. You might be looking to lose weight, meaning HIIT could be the best option for you. If you’re looking to build strength, you’ll want to focus on resistance exercises like weight lifting or using resistance bands, and if you want to build endurance, cycling or jogging will bring you great results. Keep in mind your training objectives and choose workouts that help you achieve those goals.

If you’ve been struggling to find an exercise type that suits you, One Element’s training sessions offer a healthy mix of training types in a social and relaxed environment that’s proven to boost your energy and get you into shape. Why not try a free trial today?