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So you’ve managed to get yourself geared up for a work out. Congratulations! Now you’ll want to make sure you get the most out of your training, so you can start seeing the results you’re been aiming for. Check out our ultimate guide to using your training session to the full to avoid injuries, maximise results and enjoy yourself too.

  1. Rest Up!

    You’ll be able to perform better and you’ll see more results from your training if you get a good night’s sleep before engaging in physical exercise. Studies show that lack of sleep actually restricts your body’s ability to make muscle, which can result in injury and limit your body’s ability to recover and repair tissue. A poor night’s sleep can reduce reaction times, increase your sense of fatigue and restrict how far you can push yourself in your session. What’s more, a good 7-8 hours’ sleep leads to an even better workout, which in turn improves sleep quality once more: a healthy cycle that keeps on giving!

  2. Go High Intensity

    This one’s simple: if you want to get more out of your training, put more in! By training harder at a higher intensity for a short amount of time, you’ll see quicker outcomes for your mind and body. HIIT workouts combine bursts of high-intensity exercise with recovery phases, meaning your body actually works much harder than the equivalent amount of time spent continuously running or swimming, for instance. Choosing a training option that leverages the science of HIIT could help you make the most of your workouts, even when you only have a small amount of time a week for your exercise regime.

  3. Dynamic Stretching

    Think of your muscles like a rubber band: stretch them suddenly to the max and they’ll snap. You’ll have a more successful and enjoyable training session if you warm up and warm down before and afterwards with some dynamic stretches that engage the same muscles you use in your training. Dynamic stretching helps increase blood flow, up your body temperature and your heart rate, as well as promoting joint flexibility and muscle elasticity: the perfect conditions for a killer workout that will leave you feeling energised and ready to kickstart your day!

  4. Dress Right

    It might sound obvious – but dressing appropriately for your training session can help you realise your potential and perform to the best of your ability. That doesn’t mean you need the latest fashionable fitness brands, super expensive trainers and matching outfits. It simply means supporting your feet with a pair of trainers that aren’t 10 years old, fit well, provide support and ideally are designed for the type of exercise you’re doing. Choosing the right outer layers can also help you regulate body temperature, a crucial factor in workout performance.

  5. Fuel Your Body

    Your body needs the correct fuel to be able to perform at its best. That means eating well both before and after your training. Studies show that eating protein enhances athletic performance, improves muscle recovery, and increases muscle growth, helping you to get the most out of your exercise. That could mean shakes, nuts, a meal with lean protein like chicken, eggs, or cereal bars. Whichever you choose, giving your body the proper fuel, such as through our Reset program, could lead to better workouts and better results too.

So there you have it! Our 5 step guide to an enjoyable and more successful training session. An experienced and knowledgeable trainer can also be key to more effective workouts. Our trainers have worked with international athletes and coaches and are on hand to help you get the most out of your training. Try a free trial today!