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Have you always wanted to train first thing in the morning but never managed to get out of bed? Tried to wake up early but snoozed through your alarms? Are you ‘just not a morning person’? Exercising first thing in the morning loosens up your joints for the day ahead, generates endorphins to help you start the day positively, boosts your metabolic rate before breakfast, and can improve mood and productivity for the rest of the day. Anyone can be a morning person, it’s just about getting into a routine and adjusting to an earlier timetable. Here’s our morning person’s guide to early mornings. We hope it helps you get going bright and early and make it to that 6.30am session in the park.


They say it takes 30 days to create a new habit. Your body always responds well to regular routines, so try to stay consistent with the time you wake up and go to bed.  As well as the number of hours sleep you get. By keeping to the same timetable every day, those early mornings will increasingly feel like your regular routine rather than a shock to the system. Consistency is key!

Limit Screen Time

Try to avoid using laptops, phones or watching TV in the hour before you go to sleep. Devices emit blue light, which interferes with your body’s production and release of melatonin which helps you to relax. Using these devices just before bed also stimulates the brain and prevents you from falling into deep sleep and REM. You need that good quality sleep to wake up feeling rested and ready for the day ahead, so put away the screens to help with that early start.


Historically our sleep cycles were governed by the sunrise – so of course it will be more challenging to wake up without light exposure first thing in the morning. Sunlight causes your body to create dopamine which boosts your energy levels, and improves your mood. Try leaving your blinds open so you wake up to natural light, or starting the day with a short stretch or walk outside. Making sure you’re exposed to sunlight will help your body get energised for your early morning workout.


Achieving that 6am wake-up and workout is all about preparation. Your morning routine really begins the night before. By planning your morning timetable, picking out clothes, packing a bag, preparing food and setting goals for the next day. Dragging yourself out of bed seems far less intimidating when you’ve organised your things the night before – because you have to do is get up and go!


It’s much easier to roll over and enjoy an extra hour’s sleep when you only have yourself to let down. Try making yourself accountable to others.  Make plans to go for a run with friends, or to attend a morning training session in the park. That way you have a concrete reason to get up early, and people you’ll be letting down if you decide to abandon the early start and stay in bed.

It’s time to ditch the morning person myth!  Anyone can be an early bird if they take the right steps to ensure a great night’s sleep and an even better morning. One Element run pre-work HIIT training sessions in the park. They will help you start your day positively and make the most of your mornings.

Early mornings are great, try our 6.30am Earlsfield session. Get in touch and try a free trial today.