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This month, we initiated the One Element Franchise Network. For us, this  means we can bring our tried-and-tested social fitness techniques to more people around the UK.  We’re looking for people that share our ethos, beliefs and passion for healthy living. For you, it brings the unique opportunity to start your own business with all the independence and freedom that entails, whilst also being supported by our head office.

What’s A Franchise?

A franchise is a relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee. The franchisor shares their branding and existing business systems and learnings with the franchisee. This allows the franchisee to kickstart their own  business, without the administrative burden that comes with starting a new business.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Social Fitness Franchise?

1.Flexible Work Schedule
If you’re looking for more flexibility in your working life, owning a franchise could be a great option for you. Since you’ll own your own business, you can choose your schedule, workspace, and working hours to suit your commitments. Say goodbye to that fixed 9-5 timetable, and pick the schedule that allows you to unlock your potential as a business owner.

2. Head Office Support
A key attraction for many that choose the franchisee path is that you won’t be starting a business on your own. In fact, you’ll be supported as you grow your business by our HQ in a number of different fields from marketing, to events, to training processes to recruitment. So you don’t have to start from the bottom, or go it alone!

3. The Social Element
Our business is first and foremost a social business. With a One Element franchise, you’ll be building the fitness and social hub of your community. That means owning a franchise can be a great route to meeting new people in your area, and being part of a brand new, close-knit social community that you’ve built yourself.

4. Higher Success Rate
Franchises have significantly higher proven rates of success than businesses launched from scratch. That’s because of the economy of scale: as part of a larger company, you can access lower rates, capitalise on an already established strong brand awareness and national PR. This makes a franchise an extremely low-cost investment for comparatively high return, made extra sweet by the low fixed costs of the One Element franchise.

5. Follow A Roadmap
We’ve already spent ten years researching and trialling approaches to success, so you won’t have to. This means previous experience running a business isn’t a necessity: you just need to be organised, driven and capable of managing a team to follow our roadmap to success with your new social fitness business.

6. Jump Into a Booming Industry
The UK health and fitness club market is set to grow to an estimated worth of £3.9 billion by 2022, according to recent reports. That makes this an exciting and lucrative time to jump into a sector that will continue to boom in coming years. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the potential for growth in this field.

7.Low Risk, High Potential Profit
When setting up your franchise, you won’t need to invest in property, electricity, water, kit, sign writing and marketing resources. All you need is the right business model, great social fitness sessions and a knowledge of how to manage your members’ journey. This all means your business outgoings are extremely low, your profit potential is high, and you’ll break even far quicker. For instance, at our Wandsworth franchise approximately 50% of our 50-100 free triallers a month become new members. You can do the maths: low outgoings and quick return means a profitable business!

8. Power To You
You could be seeking a change in direction, to take back control in your life, or gain greater independence over your work. Well, a huge benefit of owning a franchise is autonomy. You’ll gain the freedom and independence of small business ownership, with the benefits of a big business network behind you.

Find Out More.

The One Element Franchise Network is a unique opportunity to own your  very own outdoor fitness company.  The major benefit is that you do not have the burden that usually comes with starting a business. Interested in finding out more? Head to our What we do page and our Franchise page to download our franchise prospectus or get in touch at We look forward to hearing from you!