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Making Our Parks Safe, Welcoming, and Green: A Testament to Community and Nature

In February 2007, When we first launched One Element training, some of the nearby parks were marred by stories of fear, deterring many from venturing into their own neighbourhood green spaces. However, in the 17 years since its inception, One Element (and other group fitness training companies) has not only reshaped the narrative around parks but has also contributed significantly to making them safe, welcoming, and environmentally friendly.

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Embracing Nature: Environmental Benefits of Outdoor Fitness
At One Element, the philosophy revolves around embracing nature in its purest form. This approach not only benefits the individuals engaging in outdoor training but also the environment itself. We have adopted a light touch, low impact approach, refraining from adding unnecessary burdens to the environment. With no electricity, no signage, and no showers, the carbon footprint is kept minimal. Moreover, participants often cycle to training, further reducing the strain on the environment. This mindful coexistence with nature not only preserves the ecosystem but also fosters a deep love for the outdoors among the participants.

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Safety in Numbers: How Group Training Reduces Crime
One of the remarkable outcomes of community-based outdoor training programs is the inherent sense of safety they provide. With groups regularly gathering in parks for fitness activities, these public spaces are no longer isolated or deserted. The sheer presence of people engaged in positive, health-focused activities acts as a deterrent to potential criminal activities. Studies have shown that well-utilized public spaces are less likely to attract crime, as there are more witnesses, making it a less attractive prospect for wrongdoers.

Making Our Parks Safe, Welcoming, and Green

Empowering Nighttime Activities: Feeling Safe After Dark
Beyond the daytime activities, the impact of group outdoor training extends into the night. For many, the fear of darkness often confines them indoors after sunset. However, the sense of security instilled by community-based outdoor fitness groups empowers individuals to reclaim their parks even after nightfall. Runners, walkers, and other fitness enthusiasts find solace in the fact that they are not alone, making nighttime outdoor activities not only safe but also enjoyable, encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

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A Collective Responsibility: Keeping Our Parks Clean and Safe
Ensuring the safety and welcoming atmosphere of parks is a shared responsibility. One Element participants actively contribute to this by not only utilizing the parks responsibly but also by taking part in initiatives to maintain cleanliness and safety. We often pick up [other people’s] dog mess, dispose of litter properly, and fill in holes, ensuring the space is hazard-free for everyone. This collective effort not only fosters a sense of community but also preserves the park’s natural beauty, making it a pleasant environment for all.

In conclusion, the transformation of public spaces from feared zones to vibrant, welcoming hubs is a testament to the power of community, nature, and collective responsibility. One Element’s journey exemplifies how outdoor fitness activities can go beyond physical health, beyond our own One Element group and training & positively impact the environment and creating safer, more inclusive spaces for everyone. As we continue to cherish and protect our parks, let us remember that every small effort contributes to a larger, safer, and greener world for us all.

Start engaging with your park today

Come along for your free trial with One Element and start contributing to a larger, safer, and greener world for us all.

Start engaging with your park today

Come along for your free trial with One Element and start contributing to a larger, safer, and greener world for us all.

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