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Have you ever wondered who is the great mind behind the circle of joy?

The science on fitness training is very clear, you periodise, which simply means you move through various phases of training so you can avoid a plateau and continue to improve. In short, don’t do the same thing every week. As well as being informed by professional rugby and hockey coaches we have had triathletes who have inspired great One Element sessions.

Tom worked with Andy Broadziak (2x Hawaii Ironman Full time Coach in Yorkshire with Triathlon Performance Solutions) for years. One huge learning among many was working on timed splits – hitting the same distance in the same time consistently. Normally on a full size athletics track, we developed the shorter 200m track version for the park, and as the saying goes, the rest is history, it now regularly polls as the members favourite session.

Affectionately nicknamed the Circle of Joy, members run for one minute on, with one minute rest, doing a total of 8 reps. Your key indicator is distance. You take the longest distance and the shortest distance as your two key indicators of consistency. There is no better way of testing speed and endurance by setting a time and distance and repeating it over and over again! .

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